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Population Health Interface Developer

The Position
We are in search of Population Health Interface Developers of all levels of experience, full-time or part-time.  The ideal applicant will need to have strong analytical and problem solving skills, and will want to be part of a fun and energetic team that is changing the way healthcare works.   This role requires someone who is constantly asking “why”, so that they can implement solutions to problems that have not yet been solved.    Your primary objective will be to integrate disparate data sources into a normalized cloud based patient-centric repository so that the quality of care can be measured across large populations.  This will involve becoming familiar with a variety of healthcare applications on the market  EMR’s, EHRs, LIS, HIS, RIS, Practice Management, Pharmacy and Billing Systems as well as becoming an expert in many terminology and ontology methodologies in used in healthcare related computer understanding.  The interface developer role reports to the Director of Integration Services.

The Company

Wellcentive provides industry-leading Point-of-Care and Point-of-Community clinical quality improvement systems, which are used by physicians, their organizations, and communities to help improve the quality of preventive care and chronic disease management.  Thousands of physicians across the United States are licensed to use our products, and we count some of the largest and most respected physician organizations, health information exchanges, professional organizations, and other HIT vendors as our clients.  Our systems bridge the gap between the traditional disease management system and the traditional EMR system, and our recently venture-backed company is a rapidly growing and disruptive force in the marketplace.


The individual will need to perform or have the following tasks/skill sets:

  • Develop Custom and Standard Interface Logic in Java and JavaScript
  • Develop Web Services and API’s for cloud-based integrations
  • Work with Implementations Team to define scope for implementations and go-live
  • Solution Design, Requirements Analysis, Development, and Unit Testing
  • Monitor and tune Interface Engine scripts, logic, storage, and database scripts
  • Analyze, simplify, and communicate complex medical codes and terminologies for quality reporting.
  • Write custom SQL to research and analyze complex healthcare quality measures and integration scenarios

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or other coursework requiring programming
  • Experience with SQL, Java, and JavaScript.
  • Genuine interest in changing the way healthcare works.
  • Passion for solving difficult problems.
  • Ability to write and communicate clearly.

Additional Qualifications (Not Required, Highly Desired)

  • Hands-on experience in implementation of healthcare IT systems, HIS, LIS or EHRs
  • Experience with HL7, CCD C32 or IHE standards
  • Experience with clinical terminology libraries (UMLS, ICD, HCPCS, CPT, SnoMED, LOINC)
  • Experience with Open Source Software Packages
  • Experience with Clinical Analytics, Medical Informatics, and/or Quality Measures

The Application
Send us an e-mail with your résumé and why you think you will be a good match for this position.