Comprehensive Primary Care Plus

CMS’ Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) initiative is a voluntary, five-year incentive program built on care management and population health and offered in separate (Track 1/Track 2) levels of reimbursement matched with delivery and health IT functionality requirements.

Both tracks offer PBPM care management and incentive fees. Track 1 follows FFS structures, while Track 2 builds upon Track 1 functionality and doubles the reimbursements and adds bonus funding. (See accompanying resources for CPC+ payment charts.) Delivery is built around five domain categories.

MACRA and MSSP benefits

CPC+ is included within MACRA as an Advanced Alternative Payment Model. This means qualifying practices can achieve MACRA bonus payments and be exempt from the MIPS performance track. Also, practices participating in CMS MSSP ACOs (Tracks 1-3) are dual eligible to participate in CPC+ and receive selected reimbursements from both.

Is my organization eligible for participation?

CMS recently announced the payer regions for CPC+ and practices have until September 15 to apply. Keep in mind; individual practices must have at least 150 Medicare patients. The following regions have been selected, beginning in 2017.

  • Arkansas: Statewide
  • Colorado: Statewide
  • Hawaii: Statewide
  • Kansas and Missouri: Greater KC Area
  • Michigan: Statewide
  • Montana: Statewide
  • New Jersey: Statewide
  • New York: North Hudson-Capital
  • Ohio: Statewide
  • Northern Kentucky
  • Oklahoma: Statewide
  • Oregon: Statewide
  • Pennsylvania: Greater Philadelphia Region
  • Rhode Island: Statewide
  • Tennessee: Statewide

How can Wellcentive help?

Wellcentive has assessed the functionality needed for CPC+ and will support the IT-based workflow requirements. As required for practices pursuing Track 2, Wellcentive has submitted a global letter of support to CMS to cut down on practice paperwork. (Track 2 requires express vendor support, while CPC+ Track 1 does not.) Practices can select either track, but must remain in it during the length of participation.

CPC+ Package

In order to help our customers achieve success in the CPC+ program, we will be providing a specific packaged offering, which includes consulting and new content.

  1. Initial assessment and consulting: help determine which track best aligns with current goals and identify any additional data and/or content needs.
  2. CPC+ measures: access to measures and descriptions for the program, as will be specific in the release of MACRA’s final rule.
  3. Standard content: access to additional content to track progress within program requirements, which will include relevant alerts, reports, care plan templates and assessments.
Additional Resources

 CPC-Multi-Payer-Regions-blog-thumbailCMS Announces CPC+ Multi-Payer Regions: This post details the Aug. 1 news on CPC+: payer regions, dual eligibility with MSSPs and the new HCC codes risk model for 2017.

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 CPCWebinarGraphicThe ABCs of CPC+: This webinar discusses CPC+, a multi-payer program with two payment tracks meant to advance VBC and PHM capabilities.

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Access these helpful links on CPC+ to learn more.

Key capabilities



Aggregate and normalize data from multiple clinical and claims systems



Provide actionable insight for any PHM or VBR program



Proactively improve clinical outcomes and optimize utilization



Submit data and outcomes directly to CMS and Commercial Payers