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The growing role of patients in population health management

Patient engagement can mean many things. What’s important is that it move from theory to tangibility as part of a comprehensive approach to population health management.  That means not only providing patients with the means for self-management, but advancing the connectivity of home-based devices, telehealth and other solutions focusing on patient-centered care.  This white paper takes a holistic view of combining clinically relevant wellness technology with continuous health:

  • Enabling Independence at Home
  • Analytics to Target High-Risk Populations
  • Successful Interventions for High-Cost Populations
  • Predictive Modeling and Connected Devices
  • Patient Engagement and the Verticals of PHM
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Community vitals: The importance of social determinants in population health

Successful population health management requires a comprehensive approach.  One growing element is to understand how social determinants of health impacts patient behavior and their interactions with healthcare delivery.  This white paper reveals an in-depth look at the current research, technology and programs advancing social determinants into healthcare delivery data builds and strategy, and includes details on:

  • Health IT patient registries needed to create a baseline toward applying social determinants data and analytics
  • Identifying actionable social determinants matched to care management
  • New information around Social Impact Bonds
  • Programs underway by government, non-profit, corporate, foundation and university stakeholders
  • The growth of social determinants educational and thought leadership summits
  • Case Study: Socioeconomic Needs of Patients for Population Health
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