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Beyond frequent fliers: Why health organizations need a comprehensive PHM strategy

If you’re like many of your colleagues, you’ve started your population health management efforts by focusing on the highest utilizers, or ‘frequent fliers.’ This is a great first step, but as you gain more experience, you need effective tools to manage the health of your entire population. How can you manage your total population well, without leaving the high-risk patients behind?

Our new white paper, “Beyond frequent fliers: Why health organizations need a comprehensive PHM strategy,” explains why this is critical, and discusses a three-step process for developing an effective PHM approach.

  • Understand: You can’t manage what you don’t know. Better PHM requires a platform that can translate hundreds of data points into a single, meaningful measure.
  • Navigate: A surprising number of patients aren’t getting the screenings or preventive services they should be. Learn how to navigate a path to more effective care.
  • Activate: It’s not enough for patients to be mere participants in their care. They need to be active members of their health management, and they need people like you to help them get there.
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Three steps to value-based care success


Managing the health of populations is no small task. Most organizations start by focusing on the highest-risk patients, who account for up to 80 percent of costs.

That’s an important first step, but failing to address those at risk for developing chronic conditions could soon jeopardize your value-based care success.

This video explains how a robust population health management platform can help you take the three key steps to value-based care success:

  1. First, deeply understand and stratify your population by risk.
  2. Second, help patients navigate to appropriate care.
  3. Third, activate your populations to better health.

Making the transition to population health management is a journey, not a quick fix. Having the right PHM platform can make the best use of your limited resources to fund your ongoing progress.

A Framework for a Better PHM Strategy: Why You Must Address the Rising Risk Population

Addressing the health needs of only the highest risk patients is not sufficient if you want to succeed in value-based care. Over several years, your organization will lose money as those at rising risk for healthcare conditions like cardiovascular and metabolic disease become higher utilizers. Progressive organizations must identify those at risk, and intervene with tests and proactive treatments.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why failing to address the rising risk population will put your organization in the red over three to five years
  • How a PHM solution enables you to accurately identify people who are not getting care, perform outreach and engage them in better health
  • How other organizations are addressing the challenges of finding and engaging patients who are not receiving preventive care
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Building a smarter pop health strategy


An effective PHM solution is like having a ‘smart building’ that can identify who’s at risk.  You can keep this group from becoming high utilizers that will undermine your value-based care strategy over time by:

  • Collecting meaningful data
  • Understand what that information means
  • Converting it into an actionable care management strategy

That leads not only to a healthier population, but also to a healthier bottom line.

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