Webinar – Intelligent Interoperability

Intelligent interoperability

How data exchange must evolve to meet the demands of value-based care and population health management

The challenges of interoperability must be rethought to keep pace with the all-payer movement to value-based care. Interoperability at a population level must empower health system networks with scalable, automated and outbound-capable technology.

Join Wellcentive Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Mason Beard, Director of Software Development and Data Platforms Phillip Burgher and session moderator Greg Fulton, Industry and Public Policy Lead, Wellcentive, for a deep dive into intelligent interoperability:

  • How network-wide data aggregation and translation is the gateway to value-based care and quality reporting success
  • Why EHRs¬†must be supplemented with true longitudinal patient charts from across the care continuum
  • How intelligent interoperability leverages normalization, mapping and data quality technology to measure cost and quality
  • Why traditional approaches to interoperability through episodic query and retrieve is limiting and outdated
  • The movement to reduce provider burden away from manual exchange processes
  • The rise of care management as a use case for intelligent, purpose-driven interoperability