Pediatric care: The human challenges


    Pediatric care: The human challenges

    Don’t lose sight of the most important
    piece of the healthcare puzzle: people

    Every provider in pediatric care knows that when you treat a patient, you’re also effectively treating their family and loved ones. This creates complex human challenges as well as the need for exceptionally clear communication.

    This need impacts nearly every aspect of pediatric care delivery, and means that care delivery systems have to take an organized, comprehensive approach to dealing with the human issues related to pediatric care. We have identified three key issues that this raises for pediatric providers today:

    • Untangling pediatric care complexity: Workforce shortages, narrow network plans, and the availability of primary care are converging, and have the potential to significantly disrupt your ability to provide care effectively.
    • Serving as ground zero for prevention: Care in pediatrics isn’t just a matter of treating illnesses, it’s a matter if establishing healthy patterns that can prevent negative health issues years down the line.
    • Helping families face payer issues: Parents of children undergoing chronic or significant health issues re undergoing one of the most stressful situations of their lives—and trying to figure out payer demands only makes that stress worse.

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