Ten Fundamentals Every DSRIP Organization Should Know


    Ten fundamentals every DSRIP organization should know

    As a participating DSRIP organization, you are well aware of the challenges and opportunities for your providers and care teams, and you are committed to delivering high-quality, high-value care for your DSRIP patients and providers. Population health management and value-based revenue optimization are the foundation of DSRIP success, but your organization may not have the necessary experience with critical and established processes and workflows.

    Wellcentive has deep experience enabling DSRIP quality programs and facilitating DSRIP organizations’ success. Join our experts for an informative and impactful webinar and learn best practices for achieving your performance goals and maximizing your incentives.

    Following this webinar, you will be able to answer:

    • What are the two foundations of a successful DSRIP program?
    • What are the three processes that should drive your DSRIP efforts?
    • What are five workflows that are critical for DSRIP success?
    • What are examples of best practices for each critical workflow?
    • What is data quality and why is data quality fundamental for enabling critical DSRIP processes and workflows?

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