The Myth of Big Data: More Data Does Not Guarantee Better Outcomes


The myth of big data: More data does not guarantee better outcomes!

The data flowing across your organization sets the foundation of your population health management program. As with any building, a poorly constructed foundation can be more of a liability than an asset. A simplified view of big data will tell you that pouring more raw data into the foundation will create a stronger base. However, what really matters the most is the quality of the materials and properly laying the foundation that allows you to construct a structurally sound building and ensure the long-term success of your population health management program.

In this session, Wellcentive’s technology experts discuss how following the steps below helps to create a high-quality, structured foundation of information to engage providers and accelerate population health efforts.

  • Make a commitment to data
  • Focus on business
  • Profile data
  • Execute confidently with impactful and engaging population health management workflows

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