Webinar – Realizing the ACO Promise

    Realizing the ACO promise

    Overcoming barriers to success to achieve the goals of the ACO mission

    Common barriers

    • The issues and challenges that block many ACOs from realizing the shared savings they expect

    Keys to success

    • How strong leadership, a thorough understanding of the “why,” and transformative technology and good data can clear the path to the ideal ACO

    The Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) brought to reality by the Affordable Care Act were designed with a promise: by banding together, physician organizations, hospitals, and other care delivery organizations could share risk, reduce costs, and deliver better holistic care to their patient populations. For a vast majority of ACOs, however, those shared savings have yet to materialize—leaving many doubting that this program solves the healthcare delivery problem.

    There’s still hope, however, for the success of ACOs. Their ability to deliver on the tenets of the triple aim—increase quality, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce costs—is strong. That’s evidenced by the fact that there are more than 470 CMS ACOs operating or ramping up today, and similar private payer programs are increasingly stressing value-based care as a result of commercial payer consolidation.

    Watch this webinar, where ACO experts Tim Weldon and Stephanie Kovalick will walk you through the challenges and solutions to deliver on the ACO promise.


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