What’s the Cost of Inaction?

    What’s the cost of inaction?

    Hesitating to adapt to new care delivery models leads to significant financial loss.

    As healthcare shifts away from traditional fee-for-service models in favor of value-based care initiatives, some providers are wary of making the change. This is understandable, as issues ranging from implementation costs, transformation stressors, and a lack of real cost/benefit analysis are all causes for hesitation.

    Research shows that it’s not too late to catch up to the early adopters of value-based care and start achieving real results with a positive impact on your bottom line.  Taking responsible steps forward in your journey to value-based care is a critical component of success.

    No matter where you are in your journey from volume to value, Wellcentive’s Cost of Inaction webinar will help you make responsible decisions to continue to progress toward value-based success.

    The webinar will cover the following,

    • The cost of inaction – What organizations stand to lose if they simply maintain the fee-for-service status quo
    • The first transition – How to take a consumable approach to population health management and transition to a value-based care model by meeting PQRS, CCM, and other P4P initiatives
    • The honest EHR assessment – Can your EHR truly support value-based care?
    • The waiting game – Trusting big EHR vendors to make a shift to value-based care in time can seem like the easiest route but it’s also the most risky

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