White paper – How rising risk impacts value-based care

    White paper

    How rising risk impacts value-based care

    Managing your entire population is the best intervention against value-based failure

    The value-based tipping point is here: as of 2018, 50% of all Medicare payments will be value-based and commercial payers are on a similar trajectory.

    Success demands a comprehensive strategy for all segments of your population—from the healthiest to the highest utilizers.

    As co-author Paul Taylor, MD, notes, keeping those with rising health risks from developing chronic conditions should be a top priority. Neglecting to identify and address health risks in this population may be the greatest risk to long-term success in value-based care models and risk contracts.

    Our new white paper, “Beyond frequent fliers: Why health organizations need a comprehensive PHM strategy,” explains why this is critical, and discusses a three-step process for developing an effective PHM approach.

    • Understand: You can’t manage what you don’t know. Better PHM requires a platform that can translate hundreds of data points into a single, meaningful measure.
    • Navigate: A surprising number of patients aren’t getting the screenings or preventive services they should be. Learn how to navigate a path to more effective care.
    • Activate: It’s not enough for patients to be mere participants in their care. They need to be active members of their health management, and they need people like you to help them get there.

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