White paper – Embracing disruption

    White paper

    Embracing disruption

    There’s no question that valued-based care (VBC) has disrupted the healthcare industry. But this white paper describes five other seismic shifts in the healthcare landscape that your organization should prepare for:

    1. Technological disruption is improving the ‘last mile’ of care through:
      • Virtual care
      • Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain
      • High-performance computing (HPC) and precision medicine
    2. Competitors don’t look like they used to
    3. Employers are moving from the back seat to the driver’s seat
    4. Patient centricity is finally taking hold
    5. Care settings are shifting – the rise of the micro-hospital and post-acute power

    Read this white paper to better understand the impact of these forces and to learn effective strategies for dealing with them.

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